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I love the words you describe things with
Precise colloquialisms and slang

I love how you have so many life hack habits
To enhance your everyday living

I love your ability to make brilliant things
The Einstein-of-design and Jack-of-all-trades

I love your measured approach to planning
Setting up tomorrow’s win carefully…



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As layers shed

And we lay in bed

We rest our heads

Hearts go red

What to say?

When here today

Wanting to play

Making things OK

Life turns

Inside burns

Love returns

Attachment yearns

What to ask?

In trust we’ll bask

Forget the task

Take off the mask




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this regular day, the mind got fat

the body malfunctioned, the heart flat

insecure boy returned once more

adversity knocking on soul’s door

boy’s growth stopped its spurts

the heart and lungs out of synchronicity

precious boy externalising hurt

but enough enough, care now sought

coming into a gentleman




Writer Mip

Writer Mip

Just a caught spirit in the Australian Western capitalist patriarchy, enacting loving kindness. Intellectual, humble, neurodivergent, fallible. X